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We are India's first voice based real estate information helpline

We believe that this is the best resource which is reliable, responsible
and easily accessible to anyone in the country who wishes
to have real estate information.

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We are getting more listings through our exclusive dial services

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Latest Property in India

Our data is continuously
updated and no redundant
information is provided

Quicker Transactions

Real Estate in India

It is the fastest medium where buyers & sellers are introduced each other results in quicker sales

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Multiple Options to List and Advertise Your Listings

Our search service available through multiple platforms such as telephone, internet & whatsapp

Zippr'd Listings

Zipper Code Avoids The Pain in Finding Address

A zippr code avoids the pain of asking directions to reach listing’s address

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Customer Care Services To Get Fast Leads

we have 365 days Customer Support for all your real estate enquiries.

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  • About Redial
  • REDIAL is India's 1st voice based real estate information helpline. REDIAL is committed to provide most authentic, meticulous, fast & free information about properties to our customers and connect buyers to sellers.

  • Our search service available to users through multiple platforms, such as the telephone (voice) & internet.

  • We strongly believe that our unique search service bridges the gap between buyers and sellers by assisting the buyers to find their desired properties quickly while coordinating with sellers to market their properties effectively.

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